OH Radical Plasma Air Purification & Sterilizer

Characteristic :
O3 be generated output 0 %
Purifying Black carbon, oil-laden waste gas, airborne oil mist and smoke particulates, TVOCís ,etc.
Strong Decomposing TVOC up to 95.7%
Powerful Air Sterilization upto 99.9%
180 times faster sterilization effect compared to ultraviolet rays 254nm.
2,000 times more powerful than Ozone, 206% of Chlorine, 157% of Peroxide.
Pre-engineered Structure for Large Size Equipment.
Safe in human body: 365nm + Tio2 = OH Radical Plasma.
Abilities :
Protect patient from bacteria and infection, Asthma, Allergy, Bacillus, respiratory disease, Skin disease headache, tired, luuk Cancer, stomachache, difficulty in breathing. Decomposes TVOCs, removes black smoke, deodorizer bad smell, purifying pollutants generated during production in industrial plants.

Suitable for



Health Services

Class Room

New Born Room

Dentist Office

Surgery Room

Inside Car

Medical Laboratories

Industrial Welding & Cutting

Tire Factory

Pharmacy Factory

Smoking Area


Textiles Factory

Refineries Sewage Urban

Sawmills & Shipbuilding

Glue Factory

Leather Factory

Pet Area

Data Center

General Kitchen

Nursing Home

Poultry Production

Tunnel Air Condition

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